Sorento 126


Old Town


The Old Town Sorento 126 is easy to turn with the skeg up and tracks straight and true with skeg down. Its generous rocker profile helps you navigate the chop, while the drop down skeg assures smooth tracking and good straight line speed. The roomy cockpit area allows easy entry and exit, and the space to bring along a child, small dog, fishing or beach gear. Great comfy seat too!


Weight Capacity 296 lb | 134.27 kg
Boat Weight 54 lb | 24.4944 kg
Length 12 ft 6 in | 3.8 m
Width 28.5 in | 72.4 cm
Cockpit 51.5 in x 20.5 in | 130.8 cm x 52.1 cm

Available Colors:

Sunset, Photic, Black Cherry

$999.99 In Stock Now - Available used $725

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