Tribute 12.0




The Tribute line of kayaks was conceived to pay tribute to the women. The tribute 12 is the longer, sleeker sibling to the Tribute 10. Most kayaks on the market are designed to fit the average sized adult man, due to the fact that a small person can float in a big boat, but a larger person cannot float in a small boat. Only that doesn’t work out so well for some people. 

The Tribute 12 has a shallower cockpit and slimmer design that allows a smaller paddler to have maximum control and power over the kayak. Don’t get left behind. Get the kayak that fits.


Length: 12′ 
Width: 24.5″ 
Weight: 42 lbs.

Max Capacity: 240 lbs.*

Deck Height: 13.5″
Cockpit Length: 35″
Cockpit Width: 19.5″

*Wind’s Up recommends a maximum rider weight of 170 lbs.

Available Colors:

sunset, heyday