Tribute 10.0




Tribute 10- a kayak optimized for a smaller rider.
What makes the Tribute 10 so popular? First of all its so light in weight that even a lightweight can carry it around. It also sports a shallower cockpit so those with a shorter torso don’t have to raise their arms over their head to use the paddle.  And its sleek design ensures effortless paddling. Features include a comfortable padded seat, aft storage compartment, adjustable foot pegs, and more. 
This is also the ideal kayak for kids- easy to handle on and off the water, nice and stable, and fast.
Not suitable for larger paddlers due to its lower volume.


Length: 10′ 
Width: 26″
Weight: 36 lbs.

Max Capacity: 225 lbs*

Deck Height: 13″
Cockpit Length: 39.5″
Cockpit Width: 22″

*Wind’s Up recommends a maximum rider weight of 160 lbs.

Available Colors: