Prodigy 12




Go farther, bring more along in the Prodigy 12.

Why get 2 more feet in length? Several reasons. A longer boat can have a faster hull speed, can keep you drier in the chop, paddles straighter, and can hold more. The Prodigy 12 has an oversized cockpit opening which makes it perfect for bringing along a small child or pet, and can make it easier to get in and out of the boat. Features include a top of the line padded seat, storage compartment, foot pegs, deck bungees, and more.


Length: 12′ 2″ / 369 cm
Width: 27.25″ / 69 cm
Boat Weight: 53 lbs. / 24 kg
Deck Height: 15.25″ / 39 cm
Cockpit Length: 51″ / 130 cm
Cockpit Width: 23″ / 58 cm
Max Capacity: 350 lbs. / 159 kg

Available Colors:

red tiger, sunset, seaspray, heyday